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Porn Filter

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Most of the time, software that can block porn uses two methods to detect bad websites which is through keywords and a blocklist. As for a blocklist, it requires constant maintenance which is why some of the popular parental control software such as NetNanny and CyberPatrol are subscription based software and not a one time… Read More »

Download Ping Plotter® 2019 Latest Free Version

June 10, Editors’ Choice Average User Rating Graphically visualizing the traffic on your network is essential if you are going to troubleshoot complex Network issues. PingPlotter is one such tool that can help you to do just that, and it offers some interesting side benefits as well. Lets jump into some of these features, as… Read More »

Download Resize Pictures Plus 3.4.2 – A Program Which Will Help Your Resize Your Images Without Qual

This is useful for variables which should be set for all users and all usages of this R installation. Their values can be overridden in a. Renviron file or on the command line. Startup for more details of environment files. R for Windows FAQ Ti interessa lo sviluppo? Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore… Read More »

Download ToolbarIcons® 2019 Latest Free Version

What’s new in FlexiPDF ? Dear SoftMaker customers: A few days ago, we released FlexiPDF Snagit (Windows) Version History Snagit 23 July, Snagit This change will require you to sign out and sign in for sharing to Screencast. Numerous other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements 19 February, Fix for a crash when changing… Read More »

File & Image Uploader

Our image processing is 2. Responsive images Dynamically manipulate images to adapt them to any graphics design. Apply effects, resize, crop, face recognition, watermarks, and tons of other image processing stuff. Infinitely scalable A number of CPUs we utilize for transformations is virtually infinite. File & Image Uploader It gets file, width and height both… Read More »

Download XMPlay – A Powerful Audio Player That Supports Multiple Audio Formats.

Download XMPlay 3. Portable XMPlay 3. A built-in tag editor, internet streaming and a wide range of other tremendous functionalities make this application more feasible than other such tools. A stunning and eye-catching interface builds user interest in digging more about this application. Category: Audio Players Although it works well enough, some aspects of the… Read More »