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Download FileLocator Pro 8.2 Build 2738 – Search Tool For Professionals

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A disk image file contains the exact, byte-by-byte copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be created with various compression levels on the fly without stopping Windows OS and therefore without interrupting your business. R-Drive Image restores the images on the original disks, on any other partitions or even on a… Read More »

Download FreeFileSync 10.10 – Compare And Synchronize Your Folders With This Application

GREAT work on this. Clean, efficient, simple dir comparison or sync. Run it and it shows you what’s out of sync, without all of the complicated configurations, etc. After using it for years on a daily basis I never had problems with losing data. An amazing feature of FFS that is difficult to find in… Read More »

WavePad Masters Edition 6.55

Advertisement Softonic review WavePad is an audio editing tool for novice, enthusiasts, and also professional music editors. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, the software lets you seamlessly edit and record voice, music, and other types of audio recordings. Robust Feature Set The editing suite comprises basic to advanced functionalities such as cut, copy, delete,… Read More »


Part 1. This program has a very simple interface without any confusing menus. Main Features of Instagiffer: Instagiffer download for Windows, Mac. Part 1. This program has a very simple interface without any confusing menus. Main Features of Instagiffer: Totally free and easy to use, and free from annoying ads and spyware. Add customizable text,… Read More »

Download WinRAR Repair Kit® 2019 Latest Free Version

Found a bad link? Rar Repair Tool has a user-friendly interface, which makes rar repair but a snap. All, you will need to set Rar Repair Tool out to work, is simply locate files that need recovery. Then the program engine takes over. It thoroughly scans each archive and compares its current and original CRC… Read More »

An Efficient Text Editor Designed For Programmers

Text Editor Introduction A text editor is a tool that allows a user to create and revise documents in a computer. Though this task can be carried out in other modes, the word text editor commonly refers to the tool that does this interactively. Earlier computer documents used to be primarily plain text documents, but… Read More »

Download Ping Plotter® 2019 Latest Free Version

June 10, Editors’ Choice Average User Rating Graphically visualizing the traffic on your network is essential if you are going to troubleshoot complex Network issues. PingPlotter is one such tool that can help you to do just that, and it offers some interesting side benefits as well. Lets jump into some of these features, as… Read More »

A Powerful And Reliable Server Client Network Caller ID Application

Protocols[ edit ] Voice over IP has been implemented in various ways using both proprietary protocols and protocols based on open standards. These protocols can be used by a VoIP phone , special-purpose software, a mobile application or integrated into a web page. VoIP protocols include: Voice over IP Protocols[ edit ] Voice over IP… Read More »

Customizable Themes For Platform

Pin Are you looking for the best responsive WordPress theme for your website? Most modern WordPress themes are fully responsive out of the box. However, there are so many of them that it becomes difficult to choose one. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best responsive WordPress themes for you to choose… Read More »