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Haller on April 4, – 3: Daphne is a small system tray application for killing, controlling and debugging Windows’ processes. It was born to kill a windows process and became almost a task manager replacement. Daphne requires admin rights to run. It’s packaged in PortableApps.
Send Annonymous Usage Statistics to

Daphne Portable 2.00 (process and task manager) Released

Posted by Daniel W. I think that this article is well overdue, and we have received many hits in regard to this topic. This can be a very confusing topic for many people, even me when I was first dipping my nose into this sort of stuff. First I want to mention that there are three major things that both drives have in common. Second, most of the software on both drives do not leave a trace in the host computer. That means no registry junk left behind, and no temporary files, etc from Firefox or similar problems.

Also, both platforms have a different selection of software. U3 has many commercial apps, while PortableApps only supports open-source applications. U3 Smart Drives The Good: Auto launch, and auto close. When you insert your U3 USB stick, the launcher program automatically launches, without having to click on anything.

And when you pull the stick out of the USB port, it will automatically close all open software. Launch files and programs automatically. With a U3-enabled flash drive, you can set specific programs or files to launch on plug in. If you are on a business trip, you can set it to open the document you are working on, every time you hook it up to a computer. This can really save time if you working in multiple sessions.

Password-protect your U3 drive. If you have sensitive data on your U3 smart drive, you can assign a password, so that only you can access your data. The drive will then prompt you to enter the password every time you connect it to a computer. Protect your data. You can get antivirus software packaged to run on your U3 drive. This can be handy if you are transferring files from an unknown computer to your flash drive i.

Easier to use. This is a very important factor for beginners. With the U3 launchpad, running and setting up programs is a breeze. Even packaging your own apps is a breeze with a program called PackageFactory. The bad: U3 software is not very customizable.

Until a recent patch, you could not disable the launcher from auto-run, which could be extremely annoying if you are transferring data to another computer. Another problem is that with the new patch comes a big red launch icon on the desktop. The problem is that this cannot be disabled. It may be cool and useful to a lot of people, but I dont like it, and I would like to disable it. Creates multiple icons in My Computer. In order to perform its auto-run features upon connecting to your computer, your U3 smart drive creates a virtual CD, which mounts at the same time as the removable disk.

This way you can access your files via the Removable Disk drive, but auto-run the launcher with the virtual CD. In these situations, it can be frustrating trying to find which drive is which among the other 7.

Sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands easily if stolen or lost. A problem with portable apps in general not specifically U3 , is that you are encouraged to do more work on the drive itself. Instead o writing that document on your computer and transferring it between home and work, you might as well just keep it on the drive.

The problem with this is that if you lose your drive or it gets stolen, not only do you lose valuable work, but also your sensitive data could be discovered. Browsing history, saved emails, and documents could contain financial or other personal information that should be kept private.

You can password-protect your drive to help prevent any issues, but it is still a notable risk. Currently only PC support.

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What about ‘Anonymous Usage Statistics’, just get the launcher (in development) to ask if the user was satisfied or not (and open some sort of window to write. You can opt-out from sending anonymous information to Wire at any time. On desktop: Click Settings. Click Options. Un-tick Send. Many programs want to send usage statistics, error logs, crash reports, and other diagnostics to their servers. Some people disable these.

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What about ‘Anonymous Usage Statistics’, just get the launcher (in development) to ask if the user was satisfied or not (and open some sort of window to write. 2J:\PortableApps\VSCodePortable\App\VSCode\resources\app\ (anonymous) @ [Extension Host] [Guides] Error while sending usage statistics: Error: [Extension Host] [Guides] Usage statistics will retry in the next 5 minutes. analytics into their app. What’s controversial about anonymized usage statistics in ? . to firefox in the options. On IOS it says “send anonymous usage data to firefox” Portable Apps Man!!! Also, why the blog post.

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